Over the years there have been many instances of patients having their lives permanently ruined by the God Complex attitude of some of the medical profession. The purpose and reason for this site is to try and bring out into open the fact that 1000’s of patients who have been damaged by their treatment and who, when trying to get either an apology or help from those responsible have been summarily dismissed with a total refusal and acceptance of blame. If you have had the misfortune of being damaged, in any way, due to the actions or inactions of your medical treatments or operations and subsequently have met with total denial from those responsible then please send your story. Similarly if you have tried to make a complaint or taken any kind of legal action against those responsible and have met with nothing but obstruction, prevarication, fabrication and attempts to pass the blame back onto you. Then please tell your story. All cases will NOT show any names or locations. In the vast majority of cases brought against those responsible these have ended up being rejected because of case law, in particular the Bolam decision from 1957, behind which all those held to be accountable by patients have been hiding ever since.

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