Mr G whilst undergoing a possibly unnecessary infusion of a chemo drug prescribed by a God Complex Doctor, suffered an anaphylactic shock which by the following medical definition - Medical Misdiagnosis; Failing to diagnose a condition correctly which lead to unnecessary suffering.’ resulted in him being seriously and permanently damaged. Over the following months he was admitted to hospital 4 times for anaphylaxis related problems; again not treated. The God Complex Doctor would not accept anything had gone wrong. Throughout the next eighteen months of assessment by private specialists, he is now disabled, suffering from brain and heart damage, optic nerve damage which has caused him to be partially sighted, as well as having serious mobility and balance problems. Despite innumerable complaints and demands for answers, there has been no apology, help or treatment in any way offered by the NHS Trust involved. There has been not one acceptance of the fact the damage he is suffering was anything to do with the (undiagnosed) anaphylactic reaction to the chemo drug. There is a total denial and self-exoneration of any responsibility. The final ‘advice’ from the NHS trust was to go away and stop bothering them, with an insulting accusation that all the problems he was suffering were in his imagination. Any future communication from Mr G would be ignored and trashed. An attempt to take legal action appears to be up against the Bolam decision (again).